The Blogger’s Guides

The Blogger’s Guides are no longer available. 

I plan to use some of the Blogger’s Guides material in new products in the future: if you want to be informed when those are released, just pop your email address in below. 

I’m Ali Luke, an experienced blogger and published author.

The Blogger’s Guides are four ebooks which I’ve created to help you take your blogging further.

I’ve packed them with everything I’ve discovered through years of blogging – all the tips and tricks which I had to learn the hard way.



TBGF_3DCover-smallThe Blogger’s Guide to Freelancing will teach you how to:

  • Make real money from your blogging – today, not in three year’s time
  • Write great job applications – so that you stand out from the crowd
  • Get paid on time – because you don’t want to lose out on the money you’ve earned
  • Come up with great ideas – even when you’re on deadline
  • Market yourself through your website and social media – so that jobs come to you


Click to read more about The Blogger's Guide to Effective WritingThe Blogger’s Guide to Effective Writing will teach you how to:

  • Construct great blog posts – easy to write, engaging to read
  • Write for the web – using tried-and-tested techniques
  • Produce different types of post, like reviews and lists, to keep your blog interesting
  • Revise, edit and proof-read your posts – so that your content grabs and keeps attention
  • Develop your blogging voice, to turn casual readers into lifelong fans


3DIrresistibleThe Blogger’s Guide to Irresistible Ebooks will teach you how to:

  • Come up with an ebook idea that you know your readers will love
  • Get to grips with outlining, planning and structuring – so that your ebook is easy to write
  • Stay motivated over the long-haul – because you want to finish your ebook
  • Polish up your ebook so that it’s easy for readers to engage with
  • Sell your ebook online, in simple steps – because it’s easier than you think


The Blogger’s Guide to Loyal Readers will teach you how to:


  • Get your blog ship-shape, so that you make a great impression on first-time visitors
  • Find new readers through social media, and by improving your blog’s SEO (search engine optimisation)
  • Grow your blogging influence by creating stronger connections and reaching out to A-List bloggers
  • Keep your readers engaged and loyal, and encourage them to interact with you
  • Dig into crucial metrics so that you can figure out which strategies are working best for you